Its been quite a while, I haven't been poetic like this...

Just happy on being in the gate and see it altogether from the outside
walking slowly through the gates and see the beautiful garden
I see birds flying and water fountain sprouting with wide green trimmed grasses
and I am wondering who could own this majestic mansion
Having this imagination and wonder to create such place
the passion..the love..
I would like to just meet the person and have pleasant tea garden moment with the person
and enjoy a great conversation to decorate the afternoon of the day
and try my best to discover every bits of inspiration that person have
share the vision..
perhaps can be done walking around the house..and see the state of the art collection
because I believe what I saw is not everything..
I would like to use best the time that I had with the person..
and the person is....You!
and he wrote it for someone in Jakarta, Indonesia I really don't know it's only his words or....?? but this 'warm words' I dedicated for Ananda Setiyo Ivannanto in Japan "Bro..are you still 'bling-bling' or 'stay in unique'? "

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